Case Study – Spur Tree Technologies Pvt Ltd



  • Spur Tree consistently invests in research in emerging technologies to deliver truly value-added services to its clients. This has been categorized as Expert Services.
  • Spur Tree has invested considerable time and effort on certain niche technologies that would serve as growth areas for its customers
  • They are a service-based company and provide digital transformation services to customers across the globe.
  • They came up with DT for AWS Platform to increase their workloads to perform efficient use of things.
  • Most of their services run on the cloud platform and some critical applications.

The Challenge

  • Spur Tree has managed around half of their environment into the cloud of AWS for around 3 + years.
  • DT has been supported for their new workloads , cost optimization level, and efficient use of things which that they are helping to provide production parts.
  • More services like Amazon EC2,Clouwatch Alarm, Amazon RDS are their most popular used things.
  • And they had multiple AWS Cloud accounts that DT Team managed for them.
  • And they needed to be globally accessible without loss in latency and further needs.
  • If any critical application is down at that activity , customer will rollback their operations since it under production.

The Approach

  • Most part of their Requirement is for new workloads to add on services to their infrastructure.
  • And Amazon RDS service used to query the database and analyze the logging database.
  • We have suggested a suitable service for cost-optimized service and performance excellence.
  • Aws CloudWatch Alarm to monitor their resources and trigger that action perform described function.
  • Also suggested for switch over for failure occur such as firewall , critical server and database services.
  • Team DT developed cloud-based solutions for their required operations and suggested for high availability and fault tolerance.

The Solution

  • Team DT has provided estimation to their requirements and also suggested some cost optimize service to them.
  • For monitoring resources is complicated, for that we have implemented Aws CloudWatch service to monitor resources 24/7 to rectify issues at the right time.
  • Cloud watch alarm service used to create custom metric for their aws resources and manually add threshold to utilization activity.
  • AWS Shield is free of cost service auto enabled the standard version type used to mitigate the DDOS attacks, UDP Flood & Slow Rison.

The Results

  • Aws cloud service suite the right solution for client requests which includes computing, storage, Database, networking and security aspects.
  • Team DT was able to solute the most of their requirements under their governance and compliance.
  • Almost 2 + AWS accounts are managed by the DT team and perform their technical aspects.
  • And currently we have managed their cloud infra more than 3+ years and their feature upgrades.
  • Following the discussion, we provided their requirement as well as an estimated value that matched their budget.